The impact of a referral order

The following is a young person's view on how a Referral Order has had an impact on him.

Jack has recently completed a six month Referral Order after being part of a group of lads who stole a car and proceeded to drive without a licence or insurance.

As part of his order he undertook sessions relating to victim awareness, peer pressure and also work on motoring and the law. At the end of his order he was asked about what he had learned.


Jack said:

"I have found this order very, very eye opening. Through the order I have learnt so much and I have matured so much through it.

The motoring and the law was very good and made me think of victims and I could put myself in their shoes which I never used to be able to do.

I definitely think about other people's feelings and I think I am more of a kinder, more caring person and a good person to speak to because of the order I have learned all of these things.

I have been telling my friends about it and getting all the consequences in their heads so me and my friends haven't got in any trouble at all since my offence.

It has even made me think about a career in the youth offending team because so many kids my age are thinking the same way I am so I could explain it in a way they would understand and listen because I know what they have gone through."