Remand and custody


If a court decides that a young person is not suitable for bail then the young person will be remanded to youth detention accommodation until at least the next court hearing. See below for details on youth detention accommodation.

A young person can be remanded until a sentence is finally given but further applications for bail can be made during this time.

If a young person is arrested and charged, and it is not possible to appear in court on the same day (for example during a weekend), and the police feel it is not safe to bail the young person they will be held overnight in secure accommodation by the local authority. The young person would then appear in court the next morning (or Monday following arrest on a Saturday night).



If a young person is sentenced to a custodial outcome by a court, then they will go straight to youth detention accommodation. For all youth custody disposals the young person will serve half of the sentence within youth detention accommodation and the other half on licence within the community.

If a young person breaks the terms of their licence they may be returned to youth detention accommodation and a new release date given.

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