Criminal Exploitation Hubs

The Criminal Exploitation (CE) Hubs is an initiative building on the success of the Suffolk Against Gangs and Exploitation (SAGE) Team. Working with key partners, voluntary groups, communities, children, and families to support, disrupt, protect, and empower children and communities from the risk of criminal exploitation in hot spot locations.

Locations are identified through police and community led intelligence, and the Multi Agency Criminal Exploitation (MACE) panels.

There are two teams, one based in the South and one in the West of Suffolk. The teams adopt a targeted outreach approach to work with children, families and communities, supporting the work of those already working in the community and partner agencies.

We want to:

  • Build stronger links with our communities and community groups to help identify, support, and protect communities from the risk of criminal exploitation in hotspot areas.
  • Help to develop understanding, skills, and expertise of criminal exploitation.
  • Help to increase self-belief in children and young people who are at risk or have been criminally exploited.

If you would like further information, please email: