What is the diversion programme?

This voluntary programme is designed to offer help and support to young people who are at risk of offending and anti-social behaviour. We offer a programme of work, which is created in collaboration with the young person (and their families). A plan is created with the aim of reducing the likelihood of offending or re-offending. We accept referrals from Children and Young People's Services; educational establishments; the police and parents / carers. All referrals are then assessed to see if they meet the criteria for further intervention work with the youth justice service.

Who is suitable for the programme?

There are a number of criteria that could make a young person suitable for the programme, including:

  • Aged 10 - 17
  • Getting into trouble at home / in the community / at school
  • Running away from home / truancy
  • Using alcohol / substances
  • Parents requiring additional support
  • Exclusion from school
  • Friends involved in anti-social behaviour or crime
  • Harmful sexual behaviour

The above list is by no means exhaustive and if you have concerns about a young person's behaviour / risk please view the referral form or contact us to discuss.