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Informative websites

The links to the websites and PDF's below contain information about sexual development, consent, sexting, pornography and sexual abuse.

Sexual development and behaviour in children | NSPCC Learning KEYWORDS: Sexual Development

Consent is everything | Thames Valley Sexual Violence Prevention Group KEYWORDS: Consent

Sex and Consent | Brook KEYWORDS:Consent

The Internet and children... What's the problem? | Stop it Now KEYWORDS: Technology, Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, Grooming

Online pornography: How to keep your child safe | NSPCC KEYWORDS: Technology, Pornography

Docuseries about the harmful effects of porn | Brain, Heart, World KEYWORDS: Pornography, Society, Sex Trafficking

Sexting and sending nudes | Childline KEYWORDS: Sexting

Sexting: What is it? What are the consequences for me? | Safeline - Believe in you KEYWORDS: Sexting

The expect respect healthy relationships toolkit | Women's aid KEYWORDS: Domestic abuse, Gender, Conflict, Consent, Online behaviours

Supporting Parents and Carers: A guide for those working with families affected by child sexual abuse | csa centre 

Communicating with children: A guide for those working with children who have or may have been sexually abused l csa centre

Signs and indicators of sexual abuse - template for identifying and recording concerns of sexual abuse | csa centre 



The books below focus on children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). All the books are available to purchase on amazon and clicking the link (title of the book) will take you there.   

Sexuality and Relationship Education for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Professional's Guide to Understanding, Preventing Issues, Supporting Sexuality and Responding to Inappropriate Behaviours. Written by Davida Hartman. KEYWORDS: ASD, Relationships, Sex Education

What Is Sex? A Guide for People with Autism, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Written by Kate E. Reynolds and illustrated by Jonathon Powell. KEYWORDS: Autism, SEND, Sex Education

What’s happening to tom? A book about puberty for boys and young men with autism and related conditions. Written by kate E. Reynolds. KEYWORDS: Male puberty, ASD

What's Happening to Ellie?: A book about puberty for girls and young women with autism and related conditions. Written by Kate E. Reynolds. KEYWORDS: Female puberty, ASD

A 5 is Against the Law!: Social Boundaries: Straight Up! Written by Kari Dunn Buron. KEYWORDS: Social Boundaries, Anxiety, ASD



Below are two links to download a workbook and a quiz about relationships and sex. 

Sexual health, Relationships and Parenthood - A workbook resource for one to one support Provided by NHS Forth Valley. KEYWORDS: SEND, Sex Education, Sexual Health, Relationships, Parenthood

Lets Talk About Sex - Quiz Provided by Suffolk Youth Justice Service. KEYWORDS: Sex Education